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Who we are:

Lydia Harrell & Kit Holliday are experienced band leaders, lead singers, and backup singers who hire out for live shows, tours, and studio work. We love tight and excellent harmonies, making positive and tasteful musical contributions to our clients' creations, and all styles of music.

We are quick studies, hard workers, versatile, and fun, on the road or at your local show or session.

Our live credits include Zap Mama, Ryan Montbleau, Albert Cummings, Laura Vecchione, and others, plus a variety of studio work.


What we do:

Lydia and Kit work together, separately, or we can offer diverse combinations of professional / musically excellent backup and lead singers to suit whatever project you have in mind.

If you want backup singers, but you're not sure what you need to do or how to get it accomplished, we can help with that, too. We're experienced with leading sections, and arranging or creating whatever your music needs.

We know how to listen, and we can help your project be its most awesome!

Give us a shout if you can use our services.

For booking and information, email:

booking (at) theladyparts (dot) com


You can also find The Lady Parts on:

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Love and harmony!


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